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Thanks to the quality of their steel and their original triple cut blade, the Kitazato needles minimise trauma and lesions in tissue, allowing the fast recovery of the patient after the ovarian puncture.

The Kitazato needles have a “Thin Wall” design which offers, with the same external diameter, an increased internal diameter with respect to the rest of the puncture needles on the market. In this way, Kitazato allows work to be carried out with needles with smaller external diameter, and thus reduces the possibility of bleeding and the risk of lesions in the uterine lining while minimising stress in the oocyte during the aspiration.

With the aim of minimising harm to the patient, Kitazato offers a full range of “Thin Wall” needles, offering gynecologists the widest range of diameters in the assisted reproduction sector, from 16G to 21G. The smallest diameters are ideal for patients with low response and natural cycles, even allowing work without anesthetic during the puncture.

The Kitazato ovarian puncture needles have the following characteristics:

  • Tip with echogenic marking.
    Guarantees high visibility for the correct approach to the follicle during the puncture.
  • “Thin Wall” design.
    Provides a greater internal diameter. Reduces stress to the oocyte during aspiration and allows work with needles with smaller external diameter, reducing trauma to the patient.
  • Triple cut blade.
    Ensures fast and effective puncture which minimises lesions to tissue.
  • Handle with positioning marking.
    Provides control throughout the puncture process and helps to control the position of the needle blade.
  • Silicon bung with syringe connection for cleaning the follicle or cleaning the needle.
    Different lengths available for aspiration tubes

Pump Aspiration Single Lumen

Designed and manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards, the Kitazato puncture needles allow oocytes to be obtained in the best conditions and in the shortest operation time.

Manual Aspiration Single Lumen

Manually controls the amount of suction applied to obtain the oocytes. ||Leak-free|| luer lock connection for ensuring the process. Needle with aspiration tube for syringe also available.

Double Lumen

A double channel needle which allows the aspiration of oocytes and flushing of the follicle in the same procedure, through different channels.

IVM needles

Kitazato offers IVM needles for the collection of immature oocytes in in vitro maturation cycles. Consisting of a 27.5cm 20G needles, within another of 30cm long 17G needle, IVM needles allow greater mobility control of non-stimulated ovaries. Thanks to its high visibility, it is possible to reduce the puncture operation time, crucial in this type of cycle.

3 channel stopcock valve

Needle with a 3 channel stopcock valve. Thanks to its key, it is possible to regulate the flow, allowing alternation between oocyte aspiration and follicular cleaning through a single channel. Available in an external diameter of 17G and 80cm aspiration tube (other lengths available upon request).