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Gynko® is the new disposable sheath for 3 mm hysteroscopy with 5 Fr.

It is a sterile cover used to protect rigid optics during hysteroscopy examinations.

It is adaptable to the most commonly used optics in the gynecological field and ensures assurance of sterility and rapidity to each procedure.

The high transparency of the distal lens allows an excellent vision without distortions or false images.

Its diameter of only 3mm, and the 5 Fr. channel, make Gynko® a perfect combination of diagnostics and mini-operation, allowing the introduction of scissors, pliers, for targeted biopsy samples.

Gynko® is a device that can also be used in operating theaters as a preventive test, to identify and choose with greater care, the type of instrument to be used, especially when an ultrasound image of the uterine cavity appears in the ultrasound.

Gynko® is a very thin disposable shirt, which combined with a 2.9 mm lens, allows to enter the uterus with a diameter of 3 mm, having an optimal vision.

Its "Quick Turn" attachment allows easy assembly and full operation in seconds.