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 Cryobank Supervision System is:

  • Fully automated system
  • Compatibility with all brands of cryo containers
  • Reduce nitrogen consumption, improved safety and convenience

A cryobank is a facility conceived  to gather and control several cryogenic vessels containing liquid nitrogen in which biological samples are stored at a very low temperature ( -196°C).

Cryo Diffusion has developed a complete electronic package called SINTESY.eagle®, which manages all functions  related to cryobank control.

Designed as a modulated system composed by various modules, this system is flexible and can easily fit any need: SINTESY.eagle® can be used both for small cryogenic rooms and for important size cryo banks depending on the modules that will be applied.

The system manages the refilling of eachcryovessel using a property algoritm (AGF® Automated Group Filling) that permits optimization of liquid nitrogen use and considers the pressure of the external tank.

The automated procedure also manages the hot gas through the pass function for all the cryo vessels to avoid “hot gas” being filled in the cryovessels. An important feature of the system is the management of safety of the operators ( by using oxygen probes connected to the PLC). The system uses a powerful data-base that stores temperatures and levels of all the cryovessels periodically along with alarms, events and the actions of the operators. This way the “life cycle” of the cryobank can be further analysed.

The SINTESY.eagle® is the unique system for cryobank that can manage several brands of cryogenic containers at the same time.

The SINTESY.eagle® system is the right solution for (the) hospitals and laboratories that require the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) accreditation.



The first of its type to be certified Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE


The automation of the cryobank (cryocontainers control, ventilation control, line cooling control, access control, etc.) is completely handled by the interactive PLC SINTESY.S300.smartPLC.

The main goal of the automation system is the management of the automatic fill of the cryo containers and the safety of the cryobank operators.

In case of alarm, the PLC goes through different steps to alert the personnel in charge.

Alarms are of different types: acoustic, visual, vocal, through SMS and as an option, through e-mail.

A cryovessel can be fully managed by the S170 device. It is able to:

  • Measure and display the level of liquid nitrogen inside the cryocontainer
  • Measure and display the temperature
  • Manage the alarms
  • Manage the automatic filling

The Supervision System

The software SINTESY.eagle® is multi-user and multi-host.

It is composed of different modules which provide the users with the following features:

  • Shows the map of the rooms
  • Shows the details of each dewar (level, temperatures, alarms, fill status, lid status, oxygen values)
  • Displays the status of the fill solenoid valve of each dewar
  • Show the temperature of the liquid nitrogen inside the insulatedsupply line
  • Displays the level and the pressure of the liquid nitrogen in the tank
  • Displays the percentage of oxygen probes in the rooms of the cryobank
  • Shows the status of the ventilation system
  • Manages the physical presence of the operator in the cryobank


SINTESY.eagle® uses a powerful database to execute most of its activities.

The database contains the following information:

  • System configuration (login, logout, timings, etc…)
  • Anagraphic information of each user authorized to access and related data
  • (Name, telephone, e-mail, username, password, account expiration, etc…)
  • Data archive (temperature, pressure, levels,)
  • Alarms, events and actions
  • Archive of the calls made (through telephone, SMS, e-mail)