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DATACentreHelping you keep your laboratory and samples safe

Keeping a busy laboratory safe and compliant can be difficult. The Planer range of alarms and monitoring systems can help you look after your valuable samples and the safety of your team.

The Planer of range of alarms and monitoring systems

  • Flexible installation with either wired or wireless sensors
  • Convenience of monitoring a variety of parameters in one compliant platform
  • Peace of mind, knowing that alerts will be sent to key people
  • Assists compliance, with full audit trails and granular alarm reporting
  • Easy access to monitoring and alerts on a device of your choice


Take a look at

An economical stand alone system, with up to 120 sensors to help keep your laboratory and specimens safe. The Planer DATAcentre system can monitor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen level, oxygen, the door status and more.

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