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Controlled Rate Freezers

Helping the viability of your samples

Whether you need to freeze one straw or 8,000 vials, Planer can provide a programmable freezer to suit the requirements of your laboratory.

Repeatable, consistent results

Planer’s range of freezers has been tried and tested for many years, helping:

  • Improved cell viability by freezing below the glass transition point to -180C
  • Outstanding traceability thanks to the compliant record of freezing run
  • Unrivalled repeatability with user definable freezing profiles


The Planer range of cryo-freezers

  • Ideal for IVF & ART and research laboratories, the Kryo 360 is a medium capacity freezer.
  • Designed for the busy laboratory, the Kyro 550-16 is an integrated stem cell and large quantity controlled rate freezer.
  • Perfect for volume cell line, blood bag or vaccine storage, the Kyro 1060 is an extra large capacity controlled rate freezer.

Compare Our Controlled Rate Freezer

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Network of distributors around the world

Planer has a network of distributors in over 50 countries worldwide to advise you on the best model for your requirements and to provide service support.

To find out more about our range of programmable freezers, please get in touch.