Fiber assemblies for semiconductor manufacturing

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Semiconductor manufacturing, including yield monitoring and process control systems such as wafer defect inspection and wafer metrology solutions, demands precision fiber optic assemblies with medium-high or high customizability.

The Lightguide team is developing application-based solutions hand-in-hand with our customers. The solutions we’ve developed can be divided into three groups:

  • Solutions for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Solutions for process diagnostics and control
  • Solutions for wafer inspection equipment

Our deep understanding of silica/silica step-index multi-mode fiber manufacturing and custom-made fiber assembly production allows our customers to take a cost- and solution-effective approach to the challenges they face on a daily basis.

A high customization rate gives customers the chance to develop new technologies to support future projects. However, our customers also appreciate their existing technical capabilities, such as:

  • fiber material and structure selection
  • fiber assembly optimization (mechanical and optical)
  • fiber bundle randomization and mapping
  • different bundle end geometry (round, line, rectangular, D-shape, etc.)
  • different fiber bundle end finishes (HFB, CFB, MFB)
  • anti-reflective coating

We can also help with for semiconductor production and inspection solutions, because we carry out all critical-to-customer steps in-house, including:

  • design and R&D
  • prototyping
  • fiber drawing
  • precision mechanics
  • assembling and mass production

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